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Binary number trainer using RGB Array

Program generates random numbers, displays them as binaries on the RGB array and asks student to respond with the decimal equivalent. Supports bit width between 2 and 8 bits.

Auteur: Hans-Martin Hilbig

Onderwerp:  Programmeren  Wiskunde  STEM

Tags  Coderen ,  Computeralgebra ,  Omrekening ,  Decimalen ,  Oefening ,  Getal ,  Programmeren ,  STEM ,  TI-Innovator

Program uses nSpire, TI-Innovator Hub and TI-RGB Array to generate random numbers and displays them as binary numbers on the RGB array. The student is asked to calculate the decimal equivalent of the number shown in binary. Program responds with a flashing green binary number if the answer was correct and alternating red and green display of the incorrect resp. correct numbers if the answer was incorrect. Total number of trials is recorded, as well as # of correct resp. # of incorrect numbers.

This setup is a nice tool for students to train their ability of mental arithmetic and converting numbers into different number systems. We rehearsed the setup with 5- to 7-Graders, who had a lot of fun with the program and were eager to improve their skills and outpace their student peers.

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