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Accelerometer library for TI-Innovator under Python

Accelerometers probably are the most versatile sensors available for STEM classes today. This project is delivering a Python driver library for the ADXL335 sensor.

Uitgever: T³ Deutschland - Materialien

Auteur: Hans-Martin Hilbig, Veit Berger

Onderwerp:  Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Angles, Data collection, Dynamic Systems, Euler method, Programming, Python, STEM, TI-Innovator, Transformations, Trigonometry

It's a Sticking Point

Learn about Amontons’ two laws and find out why weight is not thrown forwards when stopping. We will discuss Jeremy Clarkson’s erroneous views on stopping distances and use TI STEM technolo…

Uitgever: T³ Europe

Auteur: Ian Galloway

Onderwerp:  Physics, STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Data collection, Dynamic Systems, Newton's law, Physics, Test of hypothesis, TI-Innovator Rover

Peltier Home

The aim of this activity is to obtain electrical energy with the difference of temperature by running reverse operation.

Auteur: İsmail DÖNMEZ, Gultekin Cakmakci

Onderwerp:  STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Algebra, Dynamic Simulations, Functions, Mathematical thinking, Mechanics, Modeling, Physics, Sharing Inspiration 2019, Stochastics, Sustainability

Video | Widget Rita i fysik och matematik - Kraftfigur

TI-Nspire™ Widget & Kraftfigur (version 12.10.2018)

Uitgever: T³ Sverige

Onderwerp:  Physics, STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Physics, Tips and tricks

Dotplot & Trendlijn TI-84 Plus CE-T

Functies & Grafieken, Kansrekenen & Statistiek

Uitgever: WIL-de Wiskunde, T³ Nederland

Auteur: WIL-de Wiskunde

Onderwerp:  Mathematics

Tags: Acceleration, Data, Linear regression

10 - Nombre aleatoire avec la TI-Collège Plus Solaire

Tutoriel montrant l'utilisation de la calculatrice TI-Collège Plus Solaire sur l'utilisation des nombres aléatoires avec la calculatrice TI collège Plus Solaire.

Auteur: Texas Instruments France

Onderwerp:  Mathematics

Tags: Number, Acceleration